Your favourite „mici” recipe 

We needed to generate awareness for the new fresh meat department in PENNY stores and increase sales for this category.

Mihaela Baciu
Marketing Specialist • REWE Romania


PENNY wanted to let Romanians know that they have a fresh meat department in their stores, something that wasn’t usually associated with the brand at the time. But in order to launch a service that already existed on a market with a lot of competition such as this, we needed to make an impact with our campaign.


Inspired by PENNY’s slogan, „PENNY knows what you like”, we decided to spearhead our campaign with the all-time favourite fresh meat dish of Romanians: minced meat rolls (called „mici”).  And in order to generate more buzz for our campaign, we approached four of the most beloved characters in the most popular TV comedy series in Romania: Las Fierbinți.

The idea was that each character – Giani, Gianina, Firicel and Celentano had their own minced rolls recipe, which they promoted in funny videos, encouraging consumers to vote online or via SMS for the best recipe. 

The campaign was communicated on TV and Social Media, engaging users online in a continuous conversation, as each character also developed personalised GIFs, MEMEs and thank you videos for those who voted for their recipe.  

In the end, Celentano’s recipe won the competition, but the association between PENNY and delicious fresh meats was crystal clear to all of the users who interacted with the campaign.  



The results weren’t late to the party: notoriety, sympathy and… increase in sales!

Cristina Florescu
Marketing Director • REWE Romania


Although at first we were aiming for an increase in meat roll sales by 30%, the campaign managed to surpass our expectations and generate 65% sales increase, while also capturing the hearts of Romanian users on Social Media.


video views


minced meat roll sales’ increase

+ 25%

increase in total sales during the campaign

What people are saying.

This is so cool! I watch Las Fierbinti and always buy PENNY products

YouTube user

Great idea to use them in a commercial

YouTube user

I love this, I voted for Gianina

YouTube user

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