Müller Riso
Puțin Fomică?

We needed to tap into a new audience and drive trial.

Alexandra Rotariu
Senior Brand Manager • Müller Dairy Romania


Müller Riso is the category (packaged milk rice) leader and most milk rice consumers were already choosing Müller Riso. So, how can we grow in an already fortunate context?

We needed to broaden our reach and attract new audiences to our product category. A new audience, that doesn’t strongly associate milk rice with nostalgia and, at the same time, is open to try new takes on a well-known dessert.

Young adults were the natural choice.


We realised that there’s really one solution for speaking to our new audience of young adults: join them on TikTok.

But we had to be clear and precise about what Riso stood for, while remembering the most important rule of TikTok: don’t be boooooring.

And so, “Feeling hungrish” was born (Romanian: Puțin fomică). It condensed very accurately our intent and felt fresh at the same time. And in order to deliver a catchy and unforgettable message, we put it in a song.

For the next step we needed some inside help, so we enlisted two influencers to spread the word, challenge their followers and include our song in all their content.

The approach proved successful, bringing many new fans aboard and creating a noticeable presence on the platform, while staying true to our brand.

The unexpected results of this campaign galvanized us to try new things and explore new avenues of communication.

Ramona Zamfir
Marketing Director  • Müller Dairy Romania


The excellent results showed the users’ interest in engaging with the brand and the challenge, confirming our switch to a new target and positioning is a viable move for the long-term. And, maybe more importantly, the “Feeling hungrish” tagline and song managed to enter the culture and be used in contexts not related to our campaign. Finally, the result we are mostly proud of – we surpassed the desired 7% increase in sales (compared to the same period the previous year).

14.5 millions

TikTok organic views

1.1 millions

TikTok likes

+ 20.5%

Increase in sales

What people are saying.

Congrats for the commercial! The jingle is super cool!

Facebook user

Super commercial. Catchy. Simple. Funny.

YouTube user

We want it on Spotify and Instagram!

YouTube user

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