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We needed an approach that stands out of the clutter and positions Lenovo ThinkPad as a truly reliable laptop.

Simona Stoica
Marketing Manager • Lenovo Romania


We wanted to showcase how sturdy Lenovo ThinkPad is and that it’s a a reliable laptop, while also generating awareness through content that users would actually love to watch. With this challenge in mind, we developed our campaign.


Starting from the funny insight that the first suggestion IT support provides is to restart the laptop, we cast the well-known stand-up comedian Micutzu to embrace the role of  a „technical support boss” in three amusing videos.

Each video showed the comedian in a dual role – as the laid-back careless IT specialist, as well as the clumsy employee who, somehow, keeps ruining his Lenovo ThinkPad laptop. Despite how panicked the employee is, Micutzu keeps pushing the laptop’s boundaries as he pours wine on it, sand and even jumps on it. And through every situation, Lenovo prevails.

Thus, showcasing that one doesn’t need to worry with small accidents when the laptop is built to last. And that Lenovo ThinkPad can successfully pull off the Ice Bucket Challenge. 🧊

We were overwhelmed with the positive feedback we received and how share-able the campaign turned out to be.

Simona Stoica
Marketing Manager • Lenovo Romania


The campaign was well-received on Social Media and the funny videos even reached online publications, entertaining viewers and reminding them that Lenovo ThinkPad is as strong as a laptop can be. 💪


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Brilliant! I really recommend ThinkPad

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I’m dying, so funny!

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Now this is a cool commercial

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