Müller Zero.

ZERO came up as a trend that was based on functional attributes, but also reflects a lifestyle. Having this in mind, we had to communicate this extension of products in a memorable way and also very effective.

Alexandra Rotariu
Senior Brand Manager • Müller Dairy Romania


For the communication of Müller Zero, a yoghurt with no added sugar and 30% less calories, we needed to spread the word in digital and make sure that users do remember these two facts about our product. Moreover, that whenever they think of a yoghurt with no added sugar, Müller Zero comes to mind.


We asked ourselves – what makes a message more memorable? 🤔 The answer was simple – it’s always easier to remember something if it’s rhyming on a catchy tune. So we did just that – we created a dedicated song that establishes both through lyrics and the visuals (in our video) the products’ main benefits.

To generate awareness, we used the song and cuts from the music video across Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

We also had a promotional mechanism – users had to watch a short video to be able to answer correctly a question on the campaign’s landing page, after which they could leave their personal data to enter the lucky draw, where they could win prizes with three zeros (considerable sums of money).  The promotion was communicated on TV, digital channels, as well as in-store.

The combination of a catchy tune and a promotion mechanism helped us raise awareness, capture the consumer’s attention, drive sales and establish Müller RISO Zero as the go-to solution for a delicious quenching hunger snack, with no added sugar.

Ramona Zamfir-Danciulescu
Marketing Director  • Müller Dairy Romania


The positive feedback for the song, as well as for the delicious Müller Zero yoghurt was overwhelming, just like the media results.




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