Yoga laptops are
simply better.

The ideal solution for us was to create content that communicates the benefits of YOGA in a way that captures people’s attention.

Simona Stoica
Marketing Manager • Lenovo


Lenovo was facing a big challenge that all laptop brands are trying to overcome: video reviews are boring, technical-filled and not relevant for the younger generations who have a short attention span and are highly selective in their social media habits.

But even though video reviews are falling out of favor, they are still necessary to prove that the new laptops are worth buying, since most new features are somewhat technical.

Lenovo wanted people to watch their YOGA reviews and understand the 3 main benefits – flexibility, slimness and the touchscreen, while also liking the content enough to share it with their friends.


We decided to enlist the help of a well-known comedian with a large online and offline following to create brand new content that is especially for them – Bobonete.

The new Lenovo reviews took the form of stand-up pieces with Bobonete trying to convince users that any laptop can become as good as Lenovo YOGA.

The stand-up format ensured that the content had a good chance to get shared from the start, whereas the short joke format in stand-up comedy is great to use in different social media video formats.

Each episode weaved in one of the 3 main benefits of the Lenovo YOGA into the storyline – flexibility, slimness and the touchscreen.

To give viewers another reason to share, we added a bit of a wow-factor with Bobonete trashing the old laptop each time, in an attempt to convert it to the brand new version.

The social media appreciation of the campaign quickly translated into a tangible gain for Lenovo sales.

Simona Stoica
Marketing Manger • Lenovo


In the first 3 days since the launch, the campaign videos already had over 150.000 views, of course, with zero media budget.

The Lenovo Yoga campaign videos reached the Top 30 most viral YouTube clips in Romania in just 3 days, with 0 media budget.


video views


organic video views

+ 35%

increase in sales

compared to last year’s campaign,
which had similar budget.

What people are saying.

The best advertisement.

YouTube user

If all commercials were that good,
I’d watch TV all day long.

YouTube user

Brilliant commercial.

YouTube user

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