Xiaomi. Redmi Note 12.

We wanted to remind users of the possibilities that Redmi Note 12 offers and that one can capture life as vivid as it can be with it.

Gina Gavriliu
Marketing Manager • Xiaomi Romania


We needed to create more buzz around the latest Xiaomi phone (at the time) – Redmi Note 12 and spark the interest of our core target – young people whose lives are truly vivid & exciting, just like Redmi is.


For a cool & colourful phone like Redmi Note 12 we knew we needed something creative that would properly communicate the product’s main features, making sure that users would definitely remember them and that they associate the joy of living vivid with Xiaomi.

And since a catchy tune sticks easily to one’s mind, we decided to do just that – to put all the best things about Redmi Note 12 in a song appropriate for our young target and showcase how good the camera is for capturing vivid moments.

The campaign was promoted through videos on Instagram and Facebook reels, along with immersive posts that stand out in the cluttered feed, all leveraging the tune we created specially for Redmi Note 12.

And our greatest joy? The song reached international consumers as well after having been so appreciated in Romania.

The song was very well received and expressed in a cool way the phone’s main features, while managing to engage the youth and inspire them to use it at full capacity.

Gina Gavriliu
Marketing Manager • Xiaomi Romania


The Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 campaign managed to gather meaningful engagement and spread the live vivid message, in the coolest rhythm.


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