Hunger Eliminator Button.

Our first take was to think from the consumers’ perspective. What do they need? What would improve their experience?

Denisa Pielescu
Creative Director  • Digital Star


Since in Romania Lenovo gaming isn’t a well known brand in the gamer community, we needed to raise awareness and convince gamers to consider Lenovo PCs as their desired computer.


We started by looking at gamers’ habits and realised that when they start playing they are so immersed in the game that they’d rather skip meals than pause it. However, hunger makes them cranky and it also affects their gaming performance.

The solution? We invented a special button, available only with Lenovo gaming PCs. A hunger eliminating button, that works like this – users sets up a food order and whenever they get hungry while playing, all they have to do is press the button and the order will be processed & delivered to them as soon as possible. Basically, the hunger eliminator button is connected to the national food delivery service Food Panda.

To promote the button we created a main video that illustrates the concept, along with various visuals – which were picked up by some of the most popular Romanian bloggers & vloggers.

It’s always a victory when you manage to put forward a creative campaign that is so well received by the target, while also increasing the sales.

Simona Stoica
Marketing Manager  • Lenovo Romania


We are happy to have helped Romanian gamers keep up the game even when hunger strikes and we’re even happier to have seen Lenovo’s gaming market share increase from 9% to 25%.


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from 9% to 25%

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