Take a break from driving.

We needed to identify the high receptivity moments for the car drivers.

Alina Barbu
Group Brand Manager • KitKat


Gas stations are a growing distribution channel, diversifying their client offer. Auchan and Subway are already using this opportunity by opening outlets in gas stations.

Late summer is the time when people are still taking holidays and driving toward their destination. Cluttered traffic is a daily reality that we are facing and many Romanians are using Waze. How can KitKat use the growth potential of Gas Stations as a distribution channel?


KitKat transformed Gas Stations in “Break Stations” trough the Waze application.

Based on consumer understanding we have identified that sometimes car drivers need to have a break after long hours of driving. So we encouraged them to have a moment for themselves and showed them the nearest place for a delicious break.

With branded pins and take-overs we marked the places where users can “have a break, have a KitKat”.

Kit Kat studiu de caz

Sales results substantially exceeded our expectations.

Alina Barbu
Group Brand Manager • KitKat


By targeting Waze users that are in proximity of gas stations with the message “have a break from driving”, we managed to convince a significant part of them to go in the gas station and buy a KitKat.


unique users

were exposed to the
campaign message.



+ 206%

increase in sales at gas stations

compared with last year.

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