Mac viruses are real

We needed something cut-through, to get to the Mac users the unpleasant reality that even their computers were susceptible to viruses. And that Bitdefender rises up to the challenge.

Denisa Pielescu
Creative Director • Digital Star


When talking about computers and viruses, Apple’s previous advertising made it look like their computers were invulnerable to every security threat. Due to that approach, Mac users saw no point in using an antivirus.

Mac users will swear they are immune to the attacks & virus threats Windows users are so used to. It just wouldn’t happen to them. It couldn’t.

Things have changed, however, with the advent of mass internet usage. The number of security threats towards Macs has skyrocketed.

Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac needed a worldwide campaign to make people talk about this new reality of the internet.


We created a story through which we transported Mac users in the middle of an agency pitch presentation where the agency creative is presenting a totally crazy scenario for the Bitdefender commercial, showing what can happen if you’re using a Mac without protection.

The “cliché” agency creative guy is presenting a totally crazy scenario for the Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac commercial. In his script, we see a series of nightmare events that happen to a person who doesn’t protect his Mac.

The twist ending comes from the Bitdefender team rejecting the proposed idea, simply stating that: “The threats are real, but Mac users shouldn’t worry. Their Macs are safe with Bitdefender Antivirus.”

By avoiding the usual scare tactics protection software companies usually adopt, we sent Mac users a trustworthy, reliable message: in today’s world, their Macs can become safe once again with Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac.

It’s always a joy when not only you manage to strengthen a brand’s positioning with a creative idea, but also drive trial and sales, especially on an international level.

Denisa Pielescu
Creative Director • Digital Star


We managed to make Mac owners pay attention to the Bitdefender message and step away from the Mac security preconceptions, while also getting them familiar with the Bitdefender brand, a well-known brand only to Windows users up to that point.


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downloaded the trial version.

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compared to last year’s campaign,
which had the same budget.

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