Hochland Telemea is pairing up.

Despite being the leader in the White Cheese category, we needed to stretch the brand territory and attract the young generation.

Galina Pinteac
Communication & Digital Manager • Hochland


Hochland is by far the strongest cheese brand in Romania. The brand’s communication in recent years has been specially focused on an adult audience, being less interesting for the young public.

For the summer campaign of the „Telemea” cheese variety, Hochland wanted to become more visible to the young audience.

Our challenge were to generate brand awareness, meaningful reach, while also successfully engaging with a wide audience.


We delivered a digital-first campaign which is engaging, entertaining, daring and refreshing, but that also manages to integrate efficiently with the other channels to deliver a memorable experience to our core audience, while also tapping into a younger target for our star product – Hochland Telemea.

The campaign consisted of an episodical digital story, with video assets shared on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, in which Hochland Telemea gets to be wooed by ingredients such as salad, tomato, french fry, avocado & watermelon. And since all is fair in love ❤️, each suitor had the chance to compete for its affections, while Social Media users got to vote on their favourite pairing.

 The original song was specially created for this love story, with a catchy summer tune used in all video assets, and also used on Spotify. 

We believe our digital-first campaign succeeded to become memorable and lovable thanks to a catchy ad and a very close-knit team (client and the agencies).

Galina Pinteac
Communication & Digital Manager • Hochland


Besides positive feedback across all Social Media channels from our audience, the campaign managed to exceed expectations through the results below, while also integrating itself in a creative manner in local pop-culture.


video views


social media engagement


campaign likeability

What people are saying.

Tell me with whom Telemea will pair up because I’m dying of impatience!

TikTok user

Congrats for a creative and funny commercial!

Facebook user

Telemea has a delicious song, just like it!

YouTube user

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