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Teenagers want the latest gadgets, but we needed a creative way to get their parents to buy the newest Lenovo Yoga laptops for them.

Simona Stoica
Marketing Manager • Lenovo Romania


For the new Lenovo Yoga laptop we wanted to appeal to young people and position the laptop as something cool & perfect for school, while also increasing sales. But the challenge here was to persuade the decision makers as well – parents.


Most Back to School campaigns focus on supplies and don’t take into consideration what teenagers truly want. And the truth is that most teenagers would love a new laptop, something as cool as Lenovo Yoga. But despite their wishes, the decision & the buying power resides with their parents.

So for the Lenovo Yoga Back to School campaign we decided to be smarter about who we target and went for two approaches – targeting parents and teenagers with different messages.

We partnered up with the most popular YouTuber at the time – Mikey Hash, who created videos for each target. For teenagers, each video contained advice and scene reenactments for how they could persuade their parents to buy them the laptop, while for adults the content focused on the educational benefits – thus turning the laptop from a „whim” to a school necessity.

On the campaign’s landing page we also offered downloadable materials that could be used by teenagers to be more convincing – fridge messages, wallpapers and images they could mix up in photo albums.

The campaign managed to bring the best results we could want – emptying the stocks in record time.

Simona Stoica
Marketing Manager • Lenovo Romania


The best result? Our campaign was supposed to run for 6 weeks, but after 3 weeks all Lenovo Yoga laptops were sold out.


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Now I’m getting a Lenovo Yoga laptop for my birthday!

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Thank you, Miley! It worked, I’m getting a new laptop next month.

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