Creativity Manifesto

Just as smartphones change generations, so do people! And with this thought in mind, we went forward with our campaign.

Denisa Pielescu
Creative Director • Digital Star


In 2013, with the launch of the new Note 3, Samsung was challenged to further grow the Note category penetration, by extending brand proposition and making Note’s function and positioning as a creativity enabler relevant and appealing to a much broader audience.  


The children of the revolution are now the parents of the next generation, the shapers of the future and Samsung Galaxy Note’s target audience. And since Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is positioned as a product for creative people, we aimed to change the mentality of a nation, from NORM to CREATIVITY through a social statement. So we first looked at some of the most successful people, those that dared to step outside the limits set by the communist education.  

So we launched a “Creativity Manifesto”, giving voice to top Romanian creative influencers (e.g. music producers, actors, architects, designers, stage directors, creative directors and many more), who shared experiences related to the criticism they received in their youth for expressing their creativity and tips for encouraging creativity in the young.  They all preached the power of creativity in short-form interview videos posted on Social Media channels.

But we felt we needed to do more – so besides the 40 testimonials from top creatives, we wanted to convince skeptical parents of the power of imagination with the help of children. So we went to kindergartens and invited kids to draw the perfect toy, while designers brought them to life, in plush – the evidence that whatever you can dream of, you can make and achieve.

And that wasn’t all – the press joined the conversation and a petition in favor of creativity was sent to the government, after which we were invited by The Ministry of Education to discuss the 1st legislative initiative to introduce Creativity in the curricula of schools & kindergartens; the necessary legislative initiatives and procedures were started.  

And like that, Samsung Note 3 positioned itself as a creativity activist that helps reshape the nation’s psyche. 

Perhaps the best result? 89% of the young parents surveyed said that the campaign helped them realise the importance of creativity in children’s education.

Denisa Pielescu
Creative Director • Digital Star


During the campaign, Samsung became the most loved tech brand in Romania, while also securing the following results:


Social Media engagement increase

during the campaign


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 sales increase

during the campaign

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