Müller. MüllerMilch.

We wanted something cool enough to determine a young audience to try the MüllerMilch flavours & to attract new categories of consumers.

Alexandra Rotariu
Senior Brand Manager • Müller Dairy Romania


For the MüllerMilch campaign, we needed to build the product’s positioning in the milk-based drinks category, generate awareness for the product range and the new limited editions, and especially to convey that MüllerMilch offers ​über-taste satisfaction.​


We wanted to find a catchy approach for the MüllerMilch campaign, one that would appeal to the youth, while also showcase how tasty the product is.

Then we thought of the natural reaction that people have to any yummy treat – the „mmmm” that follows when enjoying something delicious. And that was the base of the song we created for this campaign – one that speaks about how delicious the product is and leverages its key attributes, while also sporting a cool sound.

The song was used in videos across Social Media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Also, we had a Social Media contest in which users could win a pair of sneakers personalised by Graure for MüllerMilch. We also hosted an event at Sneaker Industry, where customers interacted with the brand and entered a lucky draw for various branded goodies.

We are excited to have managed to convey the enjoyment of an irresistibly tasty flavoured milk with a cut-through campaign and a catchy tune which ended up delivering over-expectations results for the category.

Ramona Zamfir-Danciulescu
Marketing Director  • Müller Dairy Romania


The MüllerMilch campaign generated positive feedback from users and the following results:







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