You have 1000 problems.
Your bank isn’t one of them.

We needed to capture the attention of small business owners.

Anca Ungureanu 
Marketing Director • UniCredit Bank


The banking market for SMEs is a settled one, with well-defined and positioned players. Additionally, it has a unique characteristic – once companies start working with a bank, they rarely change their provider.

Entrepreneurs, who usually make this decision, are already overwhelmed by problems from all sides and do not wish for more. A challenge that has finally proved its proverbial worth as an “opportunity.”

Our objective for the new campaign was to increase awareness and find solutions to improve the results of our performance sales campaigns.


To break through the noise, we developed a clear strategic focus that shows a clear understanding of their lives: „As an entrepreneur, you have a thousand problems. The bank is not one of them.”

Our first task was to show entrepreneurs that we understand SMEs, that we know what it entails, and that we can be there for them in their business activities. This way, we help them understand that our products are made precisely for their needs.

We talked about their problems, from the lack of employees to trucks stuck at customs or cyber threats.

Digital Star have created a purely digital & social media campaign, focusing on short videos and innovative formats that adapt based on the Customer Journey to always deliver a relevant message.

UniCredit banner campanie digital marketing

We aimed for a sales increase
of about 10%, but the campaign
results exceeded our expectations.

Raluca Apreotesei
Head of Retail Marketing • UniCredit Bank


A substantial increase in sales and engagement indicators.
The strategy of offering a free basic package in the first 12 months has also been used in past campaigns that we comparing to when talking about sales growth.


video views


website visits

+ 23%

increase in sales

compared to last year’s campaign,
which had the same budget.

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